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Offering outstanding care services and support.

Care Santé works with adult customers with physical, cognitive and mental health challenges as well as those with long-term or life-limiting diagnoses such as cancer or dementia.

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Life-changing Care Services

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Care Santé offer exceptional short-term and long term support.

From short-term reablement to 24-hour care, we offer specialist care at home services for vulnerable adults of all ages. We aim to tailor each customers’ care to their specific needs to ensure they live, full, comfortable and satisfying lives. We work with customers who privately fund their care, are wholly or partially funded by their Local Authority or Continuing Healthcare, and who choose to manage their funding via Direct Payments.

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Personalised Support

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Offering support and care to people in their own homes.

Our customers receive highly-personalised, sensitive care and support.

Our Care Services

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Personalised services to suit our customers.

How Care Works

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Providing exceptional care and support those those who need it the most.

We will take the same well-oiled approach regardless of the type of care provided.

Care assessment home visit
1. Home Visit
An expert assessor will visit your home to discuss your needs and explore how we can help.
Home care plan Care Santé
2. Your Care Plan
You’ll be in control when it comes to designing your care plan. We’ll focus on what matters most to you.
Care worker support
3. Your Care Worker
You’ll be matched with regular workers who’re a great fit for your needs, lifestyle and preferences. It’s important that you’re supported by someone you get on with and trust. All care workers have completed recognised health and social care training, and have been thoroughly vetted.
Arrange home care
4. Agreeing a Start Date
We’ll agree a start date with you, based on your needs. Let us know if you need an emergency start.
Care worker support at home
5. Encouragement and Support
Your care workers will encourage and support your independence and help you find creative ways to overcome challenges. You’ll be offered lots of choice and we’ll always ask your consent before delivering care.
Care management plans
6. Care Management
We use state-of-the-art care management technology to ensure you receive the highest quality care. You and your chosen representatives can login to our online ‘Family Portal’ to see your care schedule, read care notes and communicate with us. Everything you need for peace of mind is at your fingertips.
Home care reviews
7. Regular Care Reviews
We’ll review your care with you regularly to make sure it continues to meet your needs overtime.

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